About Me

img_9892I’m Francis!!! 

I am a “sMother” to 4, amazing kids. Bubba is 18, Chloe is 17, Vicente is 10, and Crash, yes Crash is his real name, is 7. The hubs is an artist (check out his stuff here), and he runs Random Dad blog.

I am the Founder of The Six Group, a small business consulting company, which really is more like a small business management company. I love to eat, I am dabbling in learning make-up, I love fashion from afar, because I am on the chunky side, and I love to go on spur oimg_9906f the moment, but carefully planned road trips, which drives my family crazy. 

I blog about my life, my family, my business, and about the delicious happenings that go on in my kitchen. I was born in Miami, FL, but in November 2012, the hubs and I made the decision to move to Tennessee img_9490 in search of the greener pasture. This blog will cover our journey, our loves, and our mishaps with being a family on the move looking for a better life.


I look forward to engaging with all of you and I hope you enjoy my blog, my ramblings, img_9735and in between it all, you find some useful information that you can walk away with.