I Miss You Mom!

Posted In: Family

MomMom, I dreamt of you this afternoon. I saw you. You were llenita, not like the last time I saw you, where you were frail and weak. But, sadly, you were still going to leave me. You were able to speak to me and tell me you loved me, with conviction not with whispers like two weeks ago. You thanked me for the way I treated you that weekend. How I rubbed my fingers through you hair and kissed you on your forehead. I called you my Queen, my savior. You also said you were grateful how mom treated you. You thanked her too. Then you gave us both the opportunity to see you take your last breath. To see how peaceful you went, as if you were Snow White, falling into a long peaceful sleep. You were my Snow White, mom. Always trying to do the right thing for everyone. Trying to be their hero. That’s how I will remember you. Billy, Johnny, Gloria, Jonathan, Yla, Mom, and I were your Seven Dwarves. You kept us in line, always made sure we found our way. You were stern, but always motherly, and you were not one to be messed with. You were no joke.

Thank you for coming to me in my dreams today and letting me hear and see what I needed to. I miss you so much. So very much. It seems like we are falling apart without you. I knew we would. You were the glue that held us together. We will find our way though, because even though you aren’t here anymore, we want to make you proud. I love you mom, to the end of the universe and back a million times over. I know you are at peace with Abuela, Jonathan, and Juice, and I know one day I will see you again in heaven.