First Signs of an Empty Nest

Posted In: My Kids

I knew I always wanted at least 4 kids and as usual, I got what I wanted. After we had Crash, I tied my tubes…happily. But when it came time for our baby to start Pre-School…I was NOT ready. That meant there were no more babies in the house. It was tough. Granted babies are NOT easy. More often than not, we are thinking, why did I have so many kids? But when all of that fuss is over and you actually are alone, you miss all of that craziness. I think what made it easier for me was that he was going with Tutu and that meant they were going to always be together. Crash is always going to the baby. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, since studies show, that means he won’t really ever leave me with an “Empty Nest”, but that’s ok too…for now.

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