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Cover Girl OutlastSally Hansen Insta-Dri

Cover Girl Outlast in MutantSo recently, I have been on this beauty kick. I am usually not the type to wear nail polish because it doesn’t last. As a working from home mom, I am in the kitchen several times a day, and I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to washing my hands.

A couple weeks ago I went into Publix, with the plan of picking up a nail polish. In the salons, we always hear about Essie and OPI being the best, but I really wasn’t in the mood to spend $10. So I picked up Cover Girl in the center shade, called Smokey Taupe. I picked the shade because I follow a few beauty guru’s on Instagram and the color screamed classy to me. Since I am not at all experienced with what’s cool and what’s not, I try to see what’s popular through social media. I loved the color, but since I didn’t have a top coat at home, the color didn’t last. It started chipping around day 4-5.

The following week, I picked up Mutant. OMG! I loved, loved, loved it. This time I bought Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. This stuff is NO JOKE! In the past, I have dealt with waking up with grooves and marks on my nails, even though I painted my nails early in the day. This stuff says dry to the touch in 30 secs and it is exactly that. The nail polish lasted more thank a week and with the top coat, the shine was flawless like day 1. 

Since we are approaching Spring and Easter season, last night, when I did a quick pick up of breakfast items at Publix, I purchased Coral Silk. I am excited to try it on.