Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Awareness

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Juice HerreraI don’t have any personal experience with pet cancer, so I can’t compare my story, but we did have an American Bulldog named Juice. He was the best dog EVER. He was obedient and understanding and spoke a thousand words with his eyes. Anyone who met him would first fear him, because of his stature, but then love him so much. It broke all of our hearts, near and far when we suddenly passed. There was no explanation, no sign, no warning. I shed tears for him to this day. 

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose a pet to cancer. Our pets are family, and the pain is the same, watching a loved wither away with an illness that you can’t control. All we can do is make sure we feed our pets the best care and food to keep them healthy on the inside and give them the physical exercise and care to keep them healthy on the outside. That is why we feed our pets Blue Buffalo

In addition to being one of the top rated pet foods on the market, Blue Buffalo Company started the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research and the Pet Cancer Awareness Program (PCA) in 2003 with three important goals in mind:

  • Raise Awareness.
    Cancer is the #1 disease-related killer of our dogs and cats. By generating greater awareness of the early warning signs we’re helping pet parents take the first steps toward protecting their furry family members.
  • Provide Information.
    As with almost anything, information is power. The more pet parents know about how to minimize the cancer risk to their pets, and what to do if their dog or cat does contract cancer, the more they’re empowered to help.
  • Find a Cure.
    Research is expensive. Pet Cancer Awareness helps provide funds to universities and clinics that are conducting research on the causes, prevention and treatment of canine cancer and feline cancer.

Help them and our furbabies get the funding needed for this mission. Donate Here