Essie Nail Lacquer

Essie Nail Lacquer

So with all of the social media hype between nails and make-up, Essie is a name we hear very often. The colors are beautiful and the nail polish is creamy, but to me it falls short on quality. The first color I tried was Mint Candy Apple. For such a pricey nail polish, I find applying the nail polish labor intensive.… Read more →


I’m Aries and I am LOUD!

I apologize in advance for always being so loud when I talk. I’m an ‪#‎Aries‬. I’m‪#‎PuertoRican‬ which obviously makes me a ‪#‎Latina‬, I’m from ‪#‎Miami‬ and I’m married to a ‪#‎Cuban‬. The formula is a recipe for me to be LOUD with no volume control. ‪#‎Sorry‬ ‪#‎BajaElVolumen‬ Read more →


When Your Brain is Fried.

My mind is currently processing information in the following manner… You were raised in Indiana your whole life and have never left. You decide to take a trip to France. Do you know French? Well, you did take it in high school for 3 years. You get there and you can only process every 6th word. WTF?‪#‎CurrentMood‬ ‪#‎INeedAFreakingBreak‬ ‪#‎DeathToTaxes‬   Read more →

Cover Girl Outlast in Mutant

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant

So recently, I have been on this beauty kick. I am usually not the type to wear nail polish because it doesn’t last. As a working from home mom, I am in the kitchen several times a day, and I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to washing my hands. A couple weeks ago I went into Publix,… Read more →


I Miss You Mom!

Mom, I dreamt of you this afternoon. I saw you. You were llenita, not like the last time I saw you, where you were frail and weak. But, sadly, you were still going to leave me. You were able to speak to me and tell me you loved me, with conviction not with whispers like two weeks ago. You thanked… Read more →